Company Profile

Company Name Mukai Co., Ltd.
Address Headquarters
125-1 Nakanoshinden, Suruga ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN, 422-8051
Tel 054-286-8500
Delivery center
12-20 Kotobukicho, Aoi ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN, 422-8055
Tel 054-203-4000
Established April 1969
Capital stock 30,000,000 JPY
Settlement End of February
Business content Accessories & Lady’s fashion item sales, planned production.
Representative's name Shotaro Mukai
Subsidiary Shanghai Mukai Co., Ltd
3A-23 Shanghai Mart, No.2299, Yan'an West Road, Shanghai
TEL:(+86) 21-6256-6725

Mukai HongKong .,Ltd
Unit D, 8/F., Metex House, 24-32 Fui Yiu Kok Street, Tsuen Wan,
New Territories,HongKong

Company History

Mukai Jewelry shop establishment in 1966.
  • Opening first flagship shop in Shin Shizuoka center in 1966.
  • Mukai Jewelry limited company establishment in 1969.
  • Open many shops in Shizuoka prefecture and Tokai area from 1970 until 1987.
  • Start Wholesale business in 1988.
  • Completion headquarters in 1988
  • Mukai Co., Ltd establishment in 1989.
  • Subsidiary JUNO Mukai Co., Ltd establishment in 1994 for franchise business.
  • Open many shops in Department store and GMS from 1977.
  • Merge Mukai Co., Ltd & JUNO Mukai Co., Ltd in 2003.
  • Completion delivery center in 2004.
  • Mukai Hongkong .,Ltd establishment in 2004 for import and export.
  • M&A to 21 shops by rootstar and exberry company in 2012.
  • addition to a building delivery center in 2016.
  • Shanghai Mukai Co., Ltd establishment in 2021.

Management Philosophy

Accessories for a dazzling and throbbing

When we choose "lovely treasure " turn into sparkling smile.

we will continue to encourage people's desire for beauty, and to provide quality of made in Japan products and Japanese fashion trends. This is policy of Mukai.

Bringing smiles to the faces of all our customers

We want anyone to enjoy fashion at any age. We want you to feel the thrill in your heart when you meet your favorite accessory and wear its brilliance.

We want to make every customer who uses Mukai products smile with our accessories.
Don’t give up for do the best to customers' smiles, this is our objective and pleasure.

Bringing Japanese Fashion to the World

In addition to delivering selected products from overseas to Japanese customers, we provide high-quality products at affordable prices by producing our own planned products at domestic and overseas factories.

We will strive to become a worldwide company, while transmitting to the world the quality-oriented made in Japan products and excellent Japanese fashion sense.

Mukai Continues to Move Forward

Mukai's mainstay business is the development of directly managed stores and partner stores.

Mukai aims to further expand its business through the development of new business categories, e-commerce, wholesale, export, and the addition of related varieties.

Message from the President

We want to continue to be a company loved by our customers.

The Japanese distribution industry, of which our company is a part, is undergoing a major transition. After several decades of market expansion, the market peaked out around 2008 and entered a phase of contraction. The number of shopping centers and sales floor space, which had been on the rise, have already entered a period of adjustment.

In this changing environment, we have made a major shift in our strategy from quantity to quality and from pursuit of scale to efficiency. There is still much room for improvement in store development, quality, design, product assortment, service, and other areas. We are still capable of increasing our market share in the Japanese market as a result of steadily creating concrete reasons for customers to choose us. We would like to become a strong company with the spirit of "constantly improving our universal value, and presenting JAPAN fashion to the world.

We will continue to improve each of our directly managed stores and partner stores as the pillars of our business, while aggressively taking on the challenge of developing new business models, adding related products, wholesale, e-commerce, and exports. In addition, we will accelerate our shift to a SPA-type business (manufacturing and retailing) and strive to build a system that can respond immediately to customer needs and create originality that no other company can match.
In Asia, we are now entering the phase of full-fledged challenge. Since 2004, we have been developing stores in Hong Kong, and since 2008, we have been conducting surveys and experiments at our local subsidiaries in China. We are convinced that Japanese software is at a level that can be exported to the world.

「We always keep in mind that "work should be fun. We will continue to take on challenges with excitement in order to bring smiles to our customers' faces, to our partner store owners' faces, to our business partners' faces, and, of course, to our employees' faces.

Representative Director Shotaro Mukai

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